#Phonar – ForTheRemix

Alan Levine and I reared this one for 12 months before setting it  free.  You’re going to have to bring all of your Remix skilz to the table as well as your big brain contextual understanding – you’re going to need to read Cory’s books and find out what the hell is grinding his gears.
This week we’ve  heard all about how Photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale’s collaborates in order to re-imagine his work and reach new audiences via new and unexplored channels, well that’s where we’re headed with this task. After you’ve read Cory and read about Cory you’ll use someone else’s images (mine) to hack,remix and transform into something awesome and for this Alan has rustled up a little space all of its own with some house rules and further instruction. –

This is the original portrait of Cory Doctorow took by Jonathan Worth. The original photograph can be found on the for the remix website.

I studied Graphic Art at Fine Arts Academy of Bologna and I worked a lot with printmaking. Then I thought to use this portrait to make it as a informal etching. I wanted to superimpose the original portrait to some photographs of mine and playing with mergers levels on Photoshop. I used two analog photographs and a digital one of two different landscapes to create more effects. I wanted to work even contrasting the image to remind the effect of etching, while the first image recalls the steps of aquatint.




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